Our team of valuers share a commitment to delivering the highest level valuation work and appraisal services. We highly emphasize on accuracy and a quick turnaround time. The valuation team is headed by the Director of Valuations assisted by senior valuers with support from valuation assistants / support staff.

Properties we Value
  • Agricultural properties including: – plantations, horticultural farms and ranches
  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Industrial property, plant and machinery
  • Academic and institutional properties
  • Recreational facilities such as hotels, restaurants and animal sanctuaries
  • Furniture, artifacts, office equipment and fittings
  • Electronics and its related accessories
Purposes of Valuation / Appraisal
  • Secured lending/Mortgage
  • Sale/Purchase -Transactions
  • Rental assessment
  • Financial reporting
  • Book keeping
  • Statutory (Taxation and Compulsory Acquisition)
  • Expert witness
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